David Barreto is an author and religion researcher, based in London UK. Currently, David studies Neuropsychology, to better understand the connection between mind and extra-physical phenomena.

David has an extensive curriculum in the fields of spirituality and esotericism. Two decades of attendance to esoteric centres, pagan religion temples and collecting the most extraordinaire lessons from countless icons in terms of metaphysics, David decided he had to merge his soul knowledge with an academic background, so he could help build a bridge with the world he can finally say exists between the spiritual dimensions and Science.
In 2019 David launched his first book The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic, a work that attempts to explain the science behind the so-called mystical and spiritual phenomena, and since has shared years of research with thousands of people.

David has studied Astrophysics and Religion Literacy, being certified by the Australian National University and Harvard University, respectively.