What Happens in a Love Binding Spell?

In love binding spells, the centre-point of electromagnetism in the victim’s body is entangled with the spell caster’s through magnetised wires.

Those wires are magnetized with the ionised fermions from both parties. The base of these cords is connected to both of their energy vortices in their navel regions, and in ascending order – pancreas, adrenal glands and gonads – which are the glands that concentrate large electromagnetism. These wires are made up of a diversity of photons, plasma and fermions. However, in this kind of low-frequency magic, these cords are fed with antimatter, in other words, with particles of opposite polarities. The astral cord is strengthened, thus greater bonds are created between the two people (but in a more vicious way than actual love).

In love binding magic, subatomic currents generate modulations in the microtubules of the victim’s neurotransmitters. This change in their brain biochemistry and builds new neurotransmitters. Which in turn moulds an inexplicable addiction to being around the spell caster’s desired individual, whether it be themselves or another person. Thus, this is not necessarily ‘love’.

Serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, and especially oxytocin levels are modified during this process, thus determining that a love biding spell is much more physical than conscientious.

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