Reicanarting again?

Reincarnation is a process where the universe expands itself through souls, whose experiences are gathered via multiple existences in the 3rd dimension.

All of the souls that exist, which includes all complex souls of bugs, bacteria (and even the etheric halos of plants, as well as the electromagnetic fields of stones) comes into a time-space reality which helps them evolve as higher consciousnesses. “Evolving” in this case means acquiring information, dominating primitive senses intellectually and more importantly – learning to love – which means treating themselves and others with compassion, care and gratitude.
Not all souls nor a complex electromagnetic field needs reaching that stage in one life-time. It usually takes millions of years, and it goes pretty much alongside the evolution of species and the metric expansion of the
Let’s understand reincarnation as a mobile sim card (or an internet cloud account) that you still keep even though you are changing the physical device.
In many kingdoms reincarnation happens spontaneously, whereas in the human one it occurs depending on self will and affinity. The souls choose to reincarnate, as they desire to expand their abilities to penetrate different parts of the universe as well as to generally “feel” better – since the hindering of the expansion of the universe causes a type natural friction in someone’s existence.
Reincarnation is not an infinite process, which means once certain degree of expansion is reached, the soul may choose to remain in the astral world minding other affairs such as learning, helping spirits and/or mentoring incarnated souls. .