The Numbers of our Names

Each spoken number (as well as each word or name) has a sound vibration and a minuscule negative mass, which when heard, triggers a type of brain activity in certain areas of the human personality.

The vibrational (and sound) principle of an emanated number or word is configured by the consciousness. The consciousness thinks and this electrical energy passes to the mind in the perispirit. This virtual body then sends the wave thought to the pineal gland, so this holographic wave resonates with the apatite crystals present in the gland, which has its distinct crystal arrangements. These crystal convert the wave to the wavelength that the brain reads through the synapses of neurons. Neural networks send the (diminished) wave to a language processor called the Wernicke Area, which computes the information, redirects it to the prefrontal lobe, brings it back to the Wernicke Core, and it shapes the word into the motor system.

The word is spoken and spreads throughout the environment. The listener absorbs that word into their auricle. It runs through the outer ear canal, shakes the eardrum, which causes the anvil to hit the stirrup and a fluid called endolymph, and then enters the labyrinth where there are cilia (which are auditory nerves). That wave, which was electric before it was spoken, is now mechanical. The wave goes to the occipital lobe, then to the processor – which is the Wernicke Core, reaches the prefrontal cortex and we assimilate the wave of words (and spoken numbers).

By listening to, reading, or remembering certain numbers or words and names, we are intrinsically activating areas in our brains responsible for various emotions and behaviors, which have previously been activated with words of the same emotional significance. This because each sound actiivates a different emotion connected to that sound. Dound – according to the brain – is an amalgamation of notes and tones, so each name or general word can be cclassified as a tiny “song” that triggers a certain emotion like a song would do.