Psychologist or Spiritual Therapist

The emotional hindrances we face today may be the result of traumas acquired in our childhood or simply traumatic episodes throughout a whole life.
So, why do some people seek spiritual therapies when the problem can be explained by a psychologist?
One of the keys to understanding an emotional disturbance is to verify the root – the starting point – that caused the emotional imbalance to occur.
In my book The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic I explain that we are a combination of factors, and that all of those factors see eye to eye with one another. We are what we speak, we are what we eat, we are what we think, we are our genetic code, we are our zodiac star sign, we are life events we been through and the list goes on. And again, all of these reasons are true and they agree with each other, better! – they complement each other.

But let’s answer the question: Why do people seek spiritual therapies (or spiritual rituals) to fix emotions that might have been generated by their lifestyle, DNA or childhood traumas?
We are, in a physical way, the ultimate reflection of our spirit and everything it acquired in previous lives.
We are the physical manifestation of part of our conciousness, so it is logical that our earthly habits, genes and event patters will justify the escence of our spirit. We come into this time-space-reality to a body that matches our escence, and we will perform the emotional patterns our spirit used to in another life. We will also put ourselves in situations that mirror what a past-life trauma did, as again, we bring the same imbalanced model we experienced in previous lives.
Not all emotional problems we have today are native of a previous life, however, I need to point that we will REPEAT the patters from a previous life, so even though you might have started an arduos habit or was born with less serotonin receptors, remember that your body was the perfect match to the very escence your spirit had.
Fixing the root cause – that primary emotional incident – will reverberate in a domino effect, helping your current life find relief and more importantly, emotional balance.
Tools? Past life regression, apometry, theta healing, NLP…