Coronavirus: The Metaphysical Explanation

In the last few weeks, the world has experienced an epidemy of a new type of flu virus. Apart from all the scientific data and how and why that particular virus is spreading all over the world, I will suggest the reader to follow me on identifying the spiritual reasons for such a terrifying event. I will also keep myself short, as this subject would produce material for a whole book.

The planet is currently going through a major frequency shift. This shift of frequency goes along with the wobbly movement of the equinoxes, which every 2160 years causes the Earth to perceive the Sun standing before a different constellation.
In the past astrological era, Pisces, the world was too interested in patriarchal religions, hierarchies, illusion, submission, and individual needs, which have made us a society focused on greed and lies. On many times, these would emerge in the form of prejudice and the urge of one to have enemies.
The world now needs to change, and the frequency of Aquarius needs to replace that of Pisces. For that to happen, the collective-minds should adapt to a new reality. The time is of transition, we are neither in Pisces nor in Aquarius, we are on a bridge between the two eras. We can still feel Pisces, but we know Aquarius is approaching – in large strides.
But… what about the flu? We, as a society, are used to thinking “them people”. A typical separation of us from the others who suffer. We are used to seeing every other person as a distant being. Better, a distant number. How many people died in such a catastrophe in Malaysia? How many people died in the war in Syria? How many people are dying from the flu in China?

This virus emerged to demonstrate that people are not separated. That we are more linked than we were made believe.
The exodus from Syria to Europe? Maybe the locals will shift their minds when it comes to ignoring wars happening in other countries. Fires consuming the Amazon? Maybe the locals will shift their minds with regards to animal agriculture as something sustainable. Fires destroying a big chunk of Australia? Maybe the locals will shift their minds regarding global warming. Venice flooded? Maybe the locals will encourage their government to adopt environmentally friendly growth. Flu in China? Maybe the locals and the citizens of every other country where the virus spreads to will finally realize people are all connected. And if that virus can spread everywhere from one person, imagine if the same would happen with an emotion, like anger, or perhaps love.

Just so we all know, that epidemy is soon going to be curbed and the world will see itself free from it, however, a lesson which is not learned tends to come back again.
Every systemic occurrence happening in the world is coming to make our minds shift, our paradigm shift. Even if it is about a small shift. That small shift is enough to make the Earth a new planet of regeneration – ready to embrace the era of Aquarius.