Is Spiritual Energy the same thing as energy in Physics?

According to physics, energy is a property that must be transferred to an object to perform work on, or to heat the object. Energy is a conserved quantity; the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed. But is that the energy we are all talking about when we mean something spiritual or metaphysical?

They might not be so different, however we may be using the wrong terminology.

Ok, electric energy! We know that atoms are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. So electrical energy is formed when electrical and magnetic forces move electrons from one atom to another. Simply put, a turbine spins magnets surrounded by copper wire, the flow of electrons across atoms generates electricity. So I suppose that the “energy of that spell” has little to do with electricity. 

What about magnetic energy? Well, every electrical current has associated with it a magnetic field and every changing magnetic field creates its own electrical current. So both energies are like, really similar to each other. 

Now, ionization is the potential energy that binds an electron to its atom or molecule. As in atom or a molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons.

Nuclear is the potential energy that binds protons and neutrons to form the atomic nucleus. 

Radiant energy, including light, is made up of photons, In physics, the term light sometimes refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, whether visible or not. The absorbed energy of the electromagnetic waves is called a photon, which is a small amount of electromagnetic radiation. It is the basic unit of all light. Photons are always in motion and, in a vacuum, travel at a constant speed to all observers of 2.998 x 108 m/s. This is commonly referred to as the speed of light. 

So, is light this the energy we all refer to? Well, kind of… but…

In cosmology and astronomy, the phenomena of stars, nova, supernova, quasars and gamma-ray bursts are the universe’s highest-output energy transformations of matter, but again, that energy is just the result of elements and particles clashing or getting together. 

But now, let’s compare with that supernatural “stuff” we call energy.

Dimension is really what separates the energy in Physics from the energy in spirituality.  The third dimension, which is the dimension that Physics studies, will explore the physical matter, large elements and particles. Physics works, for the layman, as a breaking down of matter. Matter into molecules, molecules into atoms, atoms into nucleus and electrons. And that’s about it really (albeit Quantum Physics dedicates a great deal of itself to other dimensions).

Other subtle dimensions work with those “energies” we talk about. Those energies are not necessarily generated in the same way they normally are in the third dimension, so bear in mind they might not act or behave like third dimension’s energies.

Energy, plasma, balms, light. They all exist in subtle dimensions, like those of spirits, and the astral world in general, however, they are made up vibration. Yep, mostly vibration! What could potentially tell apart the vibration of a crystal from the vibration of “that place” is the frequency in which vibration oscillates.

The quantum vacuum is a field where there is neither mass nor energy; only information in the state of vibration. By the way, these vibrational waves of the quantum vacuum change frequency so the Higgs boson can emerge. The bosons is the particle which gives mass to all other particles in the universe (in the third dimension).

 In other words, since the quantum vacuum has the least possible energy, usually without the slightest particle, we think that the information from another dimension is the one that “materialises” all these bosons with a predefined structure – so they will become quarks, electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms and molecules of the entire chemical table, as well as cells, objects, buildings, mountains, planets, etc. So perhaps we are mistaking energy for vibration when referring to the astral realm.

In a nutshell, your crystal, your place and your spell have a vibration, and the frequency of their vibration will dictate whether or not those will materialise into something “good” or “bad” in the dimension your physical body dwells – the third.

In my book The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic I go deeper with regards to energy. What are they made of? How can we manipulate them? All spiritual themes based on astrophysics, quantum physics and neuropsychology.