What do spirits do with the offerings we give?

Offerings to spirits, deities, gods, or nature are offered for a certain grace or request to be granted, or for the bond between the offerer and the entity to be strengthened. 

In a ritual where certain foods and/or objects are offered to a deity, the magnetic vibration between the offerer’s thinking and the deity’svibrational frequency is embedded in a phenomenon known as the quantum entanglement of particles. Thus, the intention of the offerer allows that offering to be assigned to the specific entity, and not to any other that may be around and potentially seize the offering for themselves. At the moment of the offering, chants, candles, incense, symbols and/or prayers may be used so that the vibrational frequency of the offering itself can reach the correct dimension and so that its double-etheric can be easily displaced and absorbed or utilised by the offered deity. 

Example: In a ritual where the believer wants to please or spiritually approach a certain deity known as the “deity of beauty and love”, the offering to be given will need to contain in its ingredients the components that emit vibrational frequencies similar to the deity’s energetic vibrations. In this case we have a deity of love and beauty which, depending on the tradition/culture/religion in question, could be things like: apples, sweet drinks, juicy fruits, fragrant incense, red, pink and/or yellow flowers and even sometimes make-up, perfumes, mirrors, and a delicate decoration. However there are many consistent correlations that run through them all. 

These elements can have their double-etheric body volatilised through chanting, prayer or candles. The halo-energy is primarily absorbed by the etheric body of the offerer – increasing in it the entity-like vibration, having as its energetic origin those offered elements and not the energy coming directly from the deity itself. The liquid contained in these elements vibrates in tune with the deity’s type of energy, which acts primarily on “beauty and love” emotions. The liquid in general has to do with hormones, emotions and the unconscious (much of this explained by Freudian psychology, which makes analogies between the formation of emotions in beings through situations experienced in early childhood – tears, urine, blood, breast milk, etc) and also by genetic disposition. 

The red elements – with spectral frequency ranging from 400 to 480 hertz (Hz) – emit resonant waves to the thymus, adrenal glands, testicles and ovaries, thereby increasing the radiated absorption of the sweet and soft elements. Endorphins are released by the body in small amounts over time, right after the offering ritual. The semi-materialisation occurs through the sugars of the food, which has its halo-energy “sucked” by the offerer’s perispirit, without releasing the physical sugar chemicals in the individual’s body. Only its doubled holographic “sugar” beginsto act on the energetic doubled counterpart of the body