Past lives… current behaviours

Past lives, present behaviours

Are you still behaving as the past you?

When it comes to identifying the root cause of our behaviour, we tend to base it on a certain science. “Your genes play a big role, and according to your DNA you are likely to behave this way”.
That is probably what a geneticist would say. However, a psychologist would add a relevant amount of reasons based on childhood experiences, traumas at school and how the child was brought up: “Children will absorb all their first experiences as the norm, so they will behave later in life according to those first experiences”.
But how would a biochemical scientist say? Probably that what happens to their cognitive responses and mood depend on the nutrients they consume and those that they lack, which directly affects their hormone production and brain function.
Let’s not forget about the astrologer, whose angle calculations, based on the position of heavenly bodies, would correlate to your behaviour. “Mars on 29o in Virgo on the ascendant gives you those traits”.
And now I insist, who can explain to me who is correct and who is not? Well, I would assume all of them are indeed correct. I get to this conclusion because we are a multitude of factors. Genes, experiences, where we live, our social and educational status, our diet, etc, etc…

Now, let’s consider the proposal that those facts (i.e. genes, diet, traumas) are symptoms, and not the root cause for that behaviour? What if we are born in a physical match to our souls? What if we choose to eat certain foods based on our inner identity? What if we experience traumas and situations based on where our higher self takes us?
Traces from a previous life may emerge in your current life, so similar choices and reactions of that other life might be guiding you, potentially making you repeat the same mistakes. Until you learn from them and move on.

Have you ever been to a past-life regression, or maybe an apometry session? You will be surprised to know that several of your current habits started somewhere in a past life. For example, a person who had a servant, who was constantly humiliated, might reincarnate feeling guilty in his current life, despite having been born in an impoverished family. That soul then finds his perfect physical match, which is likely to develop such gene compatible with the his circumstances. Once born, the person will unconsciously look for situations that mirror that “life humiliating the servant”, so the problem can be addressed again.
The person will find a way to get into situations where he can be constantly humiliated, as he feels guilty. He may also choose a poor diet, because he feels he is not worthy having the best. Or the opposite, where he repeats his attitude towards less privileged people, taking them as not important.
All of those behaviours could be explained, to a certain degree, by a psychologist, a geneticist, a dietician… But once you go further, investigating your previous lives, you may encounter the root cause for most issues.
The problem is that not always we find ourselves in such clarity, and instead of addressing a bad habit or depression through the light of past lives behaviours, we tend to repeat the behaviour, as we are too afraid of changing.
Problems will arise until we solve them. Then the next one will follow suit, and so forth and so on… that is what life is about, fixing problems, expanding unconsciousness and learning to love unconditionally.

Each case is a different case. So is each person and past life. Of course the example above is just a raw example, but should an unexplainable behaviour be the cause of misery in your life, know that there are techniques beyond science that may help you live a better life.