What happens to our soul after forgiveness?


1. Compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive.

2. The act of excusing an offence or mistake.

The spiritual repercussions of forgiveness are countless, and so is the reasons why we should forgive. Psychologically, forgiving someone, or forgiving a life event, or even forgiving yourself, may instantly invigorate your mood, lift a weight from your shoulders and deliver yourself from both depression and anxiety.

Yet do you know what exactly happens to your spirit?

Malachy McCourt once said “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” And his quote could not have been put more correctly.

Holding resentment and hatred means lingering over an emotion which is constantly being fed by your thoughts.

In my book The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic there is a part regarding the Law of Attraction where I explain how our emotions feed our thoughts so the gather the energy needed to create a hologram-magnet, nonetheless, in the case of a pivotal emotion, the mechanics does not walk the same path as it does in the law of attraction. While in the law of attraction we create aspects of a thought só it generates an emotion, resentment is usually the reaction of how negatively we interpreted a circumstance.

When that feeling is created, it has so much power, that it starts interfering in our thoughts, demanding more of the same thoughts so it can remain strong and well-anchored. This toxic cycle generates we call “reverse polarisation”. It happens when currents of etheric plasma do not flow properly, which causes the energy to transform itself into antimatter. So kudos to McCourt, you are producing your own poison.

Sticking back to antimatter: when we have so much antimatter in our subtle bodies, it usually passes to the next less subtle body, to eventually reach the least subtle body – the physical one.

But and the spirit, Dave? What happens to the spirit?

Your soul will be unable to move forward, as there will be too much gunk over your astral body. The frequency of your vibrational fields gets much slower, and that attracts other malicious spirits who attach their own spiritual “energy” to yours, absorbing what remains of your energy.

The soul is then compromised from achieving expansion, as all of its will power gets weaker, so it lacks what is necessary to build hologram of future probabilities – similar to what happens in the law of attraction – building probabilities for a possible future.

Karma is also going to play a role. It will come “all at once”, as your higher self attempts to convince you to change somehow.

Your guardian angel (or spirit guide, mentor, you name it) will approach you more seldomly, as your own will is going to unconsciously repel any type of aid. Add to that any blessings, lights from above and the general luck that your densed soul might keep at bay.

• After you forgive someone

You dismantle the chords that connects you to that person. These chords are mostly connected from your solar plexus to theirs. The energy wire is fundamentally made of etheric antiparticles and waves, and once they cease having that antimatter you were generating through your emotions, they disolve, setting both you and your former disaffection free.

Your astral body then eliminates the antimatter by reversing their polarities, in a process which is also called “transmutation”. Then, the expansion of the soul is resumed and better energies are more likely to approach and be absorbed by your souls etheric fields.

• After someone forgives you

The process above will obviously happen to your counterpart. To you, as the wires are disconnected from you and them, the less harmful waves travel from that other person’s emotions to your astral body. That means if you have made a mistake or caused an offence, you are now more likely to disconsider repeating such reasons to be forgiven. This happens because those emotions travelling via the chords are no longer adding sending you more of that frequency to your fields, so eventually you discontinue receiving that vibration of such fault and then you see no need to repeat your wrongs. It is as if that person was constantly feeding you with more of what you have done, so you receive it and replicate more. After they forgive you, that is when change can actually occur.

As we can see, forgiving not only liberates us from pain, it also helps others we forgive to repent, in case they have really done something bad according to the divine justice system, which does not take sides – only the side of pure truth.