Have you hugged a tree today?

Bioenergy is a property relevant to all living beings. In humans, this energy is produced by five sources:

* Food energy. Interpersonal energy. Respiratory energy. Macro-cosmic energy. Elastic energy.

Each of these sources generate what we call “vital energy” or bioenergy. And trees concentrate a strong bio-energy field, moving the dense telluric, the aquatic, the wind, even the solar plasma.

These living beings generate an ether so pure, that it is able to absorb antimatter from the electromagnetic fields of people, whereas the sources of energy are those mentioned above. In humans, bioenergy travels through the meridians, which are like rivers moved by a centre of force, also called chakras.

Hugging a tree in the morning allows the individual to resonate the tree’s electromagnetic field. The ionization of the your body’s electrons is also performed by the tree, aiding in the well-being and general nervous system health.

Hugging a tree is, esoterically speaking, equivalent to an herbal bath, or 10 minutes of reiki, or 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation.