The Energy Behind Bacteria, Ants and Cockroaches at home

Insects are attracted by energy imbalances arising from the energy mess in your house. Although we know about the physical reasons why insect appears – food, holes in the walls, weather, etc. – we must remember again that this disorder only happens on the physical plane if it is already a reality on the etheric, mental and emotional plane of individuals, who spend a great deal of time in those vicinities, extending their energies everywhere.

Bacterias are transmutators. Where there is bacteria in the body there is a need to end emotions that are stagnant or harmful there. Be it good bacteria (those of the intestinal flora) or bad bacteria, like those that multiply in a wound.

The plasma that sustains them collectively vibrates at levels close to the purple frequencies in the spectrum, which indicates end of cycle to the beginning of another. Bacteria promote the passage of organic matter to inorganic matter, which allows new organic matter to emerge.

Therefore, energetically speaking, bacteria absorb the etheric residues that organic matter exhales at the end of their life, while they exude renewal.

I know it is strange to be told that bacteria exude renewal energies, however, I would like to emphasize – paraphrasing Lavoisier, that “in nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

In order to get rid of bad bacteria, such as in an infection, injury or in parts of the house, we must heal the ignored emotions in that part of the body / house. Let’s understand if we want the end of something or any emotion, and that is why we unconsciously attract bacteria to our organisms and homes, so that they can “do the renovation work for us”.

Another example is that of ants. They vibrate their energetic plasmas like a “pheromone” of pleasure and sweetness. These waves emanating from the ant cords or anthills in the house are a sign of where such a plasma is missing. In the same way that ants exhale this pheromone, they absorb the antagonistic of sweetness and pleasure, in this case bitterness and disinterest.

It is worth noting that like ants, most insects exhale and absorb such particles and etheric gases wherever they go, balancing the environments in an unconscious way.

Continuously cleaning corners and using insecticides does not work, quite the contrary, besides why would you want to kill lovely ants? It creates even more disinterest in life. Tidy up your home with love, have flowers and cheerful people at home, play music, hang nice paintings. And sweetness is gonna come back, leaving ants at outside.

Cockroaches exhale a semi-physical plasma linked to conservation, while absorbing energies of repugnance. So cockroaches at home indicates that you are not preserving yourself, either morally or physically.